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Arcas Designs

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What's New 2011

2nd November '11: A new creation is available for adoption. Please drop by and say hello to Hoggles.

8th October '11: My latest fun creation is now available for adoption, please click here to meet Digsby.

6th Oct '11: Attention Claire S, I have tried contacting you via e-mail regarding your order. If, for some reason, you haven't received my messages and would still like to go ahead can you please contact me asap. Thank you!

30th July '11: I have just completed my latest commission. Please click here to meet my  book reading meerkat.

1st July '11: I've just added details of my latest custom order. Please click here to view my Maned Wolf.

27th May '11: I am extremely happy and proud to present my latest creation for adoption, please click here to view 'Nimbus the Clouded Leopard'.

23rd April '11: A new mouse is now available for adoption. Please click here to view Tweenie.

29th March '11: Please click here to meet Eddie's younger brother Midge.

3rd March '11: I am excited to report that an article featuring Arcas Designs has been published in the Dutch magazine 'Poppen & Teddy-beer (issue 91). It's a really beautiful magazine and I'm so honoured to have my creations included within it. A copy of the article can be seen on the Publications page.

2nd March '11: Tarsier time! Please click here to meet Syri.

31st January '11: For my latest mouse please click here!

7th January '11: A new year and a new animal complete. Please click here to view my latest creation.