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Sugar Glider

This adorable little creature is commonly called a sugar glider (Petaurus breviceps), a marsupial that is native to Eastern and Northern Australia and some surrounding islands. It is notable for the stretchy membrane between its front and back legs that allows it to glide from one tree to another.
He has been created using beautifully soft grey and cream Tyber fabrics with ultrasuede feet and ears. His body, head and legs have been stuffed with polyfil with a bag of glass beads hidden in his tummy for added weight. His tail is filled with rubber pellets. His head is nut and bolt jointed and he has wire armature in his arms and legs (including his fingers and toes) for poseability. He has English glass eyes ringed with cotton cord lids, a polymer clay nose and a perle cotton mouth. His whiskers are made from dyed horse hair. He has been extensively scissor scuplted and airbrush shaded for realism.
He measures just under 10" from the nose to the tip of his tail and 5" across (when in the gliding position).










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