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Arcas Designs

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Syri the Tarsier

Syri has been created as a special order using Schulte synthetic fabric with ultrasuede hands, feet, tail, ears and muzzle. His filling consists of polyfil with a bag of glass beads in his tummy for added weight. His limbs, including those long thin fingers and toes, have been wired for poseability. He has high quality glass taxidermy eyes with waxed cotton cord representing the 'lids'. His nose has been sculpted from polymer clay and his mouth from black beadstring.
He has been scissor and needle sculpted with light airbrush shading on his face and ears.
Syri's branch has been created from a textured synthetic fabric with ultrasuede 'wood' ends. The base is a combination of hand dyed dark green mohair and green ultrasuede. A strong wire frame with polyfil stuffing maintains the shape.
Syri measures approximately 4" in height (when sat). His branch is just under 10" tall and the base measures approximately 7" by 5.5".









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