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Promise Keeper has been honoured with a 2016 Teddy Bear & Friends Industry's Choice and Public's Choice awards. He's purring with delight (well I'm sure he would if he could)!


Lyca the African wild dog is wagging her tail with excitement at her 2015 Excellence in Bear Artistry Judges Choice Award.


Iolo the Atlantic Puffin is flying high with his Judges Choice Award in the Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards 2014.


Jax the Canadian Lynx pounced and caught himself a TOBY Industry's choice award 2014 in the large animal category.  What a fantastic result, we are thrilled!


Otus the Screech Owl swooped down to snag himself 2nd place in the 'Other Animals' category of the French Teddy Awards 2013. A big thank you goes out to everyone who voted for him.


Idir the fennec fox was selected for a judge's choice award in the Excellence in Bear Artisty Awards 2013.


I am squeaking with joy at the news that Chip's won a TOBY Industry's Choice Award and the Public Choice Award in the 2013 Teddy Bear & Friends competition. I'm pretty sure that Chip will be celebrating too (with his piece of cheese) way over in his new home in Florida.


...and here's the beautiful trophy for the Industry's Choice Award that I received.


I am thrilled to announce that Bandit the Numbat was awarded second place in the 2012 French Teddy Bear awards ('other animals' category). Thank you so much to everyone who voted for him.


...and here's a shot of the lovely certificate that I received as a result.


Sierra the Iberian lynx was selected for a judge's choice award in the Excellence in Bear Artisty Awards 2012.


...and here's the beautiful trophy that I received.


Eddie the edible dormouse was thrilled to be placed 2nd in the 'Furry Friends' category of the 2010 British Bear Artist Awards.


British Bear Artist Award nomination 2007 for Kallisto in the 'New Artist' category.