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Arcas Designs

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Nimbus the Clouded Leopard

I have been wanting to try and recreate another of the big cats for quite a while now. I decided to choose the beautiful, but sadly endangered, Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) as my subject this time. They have distinctive fur markings along their backs that resemble clouds hence their name.
Nimbus has been created from all white Schulte synthetic fabrics. He has been firmly stuffed with polyfil and a bag of plastic pellets in his tummy for added weight. His long tail has been filled with rubber pellets for flexibility. His back legs are cotterpin and hardboard jointed. His front and back legs have internal armature for posing. There is an additional wire armature spine but the firm stuffing only allows a small amount of movement in the back and neck. Each paw has individually applied stuffed ultrasuede pads.
Nimbus has beautiful high quality glass taxidermy eyes set into specially constructed eye sockets. His nose is made from ultrasuede and his mouth constructed using cotton perle thread. His whiskers are horsehair.
Nimbus has been thread and scissor sculpted. and his intricate fur markings have been completely hand shaded using an airbrush. There is an Arcas Designs fabric tag sewn in just under his tail.
He measures 10.5" from the tip of his ears to the base of his paws and approximately 15" from front to back (not including the tail).
Now for his pictures...













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