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Arcas Designs

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What's New 2008

24th November '08: I have just completed a sweet little dormouse called Kip. Thanks to my mailing list he's already found himself a new home.

18th October '08: Yesterday I offered my second mouse to the lovely members of my mailing list and I'm happy to report that he was snapped up almost immediately. Scoot is extremely excited to be going to live in sunny Californa, USA. I wish I were going with him!

16th October '08: I am extremely proud to report that Arcas Designs was featured in the September issue (175) of Teddybear Club International. If you missed it then you can find a copy of the article here. A big thank you goes out to all involved at TBCI for their encouragement and support of my work.

23rd August '08: After an encouraging response from my fellow bear makers I've decided to put Nat up for adoption. If, like me, you have a soft spot for toads then please visit the Available for adoption page.

16th August '08: Do you like amphibians? I do. Please click here to meet Nat.

06th June '08: I've just completed my first miniature teddybear, yay!  :o)  Please see the Available for adoption page to view Amy.

17th May 08: Beamer has just been listed on the Available for Adoption page. I hope he makes you smile.

17th April '08: I'm thrilled to report that Squeak was quickly adopted and is now living in Nottingham, UK.

13th April '08: A new creation has just been listed on the 'Available for adoption' page. Please click here to see Squeak.

07th Mar '08: Ta da! Finished my latest animal. Please click here to check out Akisa.