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Arcas Designs

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For my first amphibian creation I decided to attempt the extremely rare Natterjack Toad (Bufo calamita). Sadly it's only found in a handful of sites in the UK now and is classified as an endangered species. It is distinguished from the Common Toad mainly by the yellow stripe down its back.
Nat is pretty much life-sized, measuring approximately 9cm (~3.5") from front to back. He is made from cashmere fabrics and has ultrasuede undersides to the hands and feet. He is stuffed with polyfil with cotterpin and hardboard jointed arms and legs. Additionally his arms and legs have been wired for poseability. His gorgeous realistic glass taxidermy eyes have been set into polymer clay sockets with wired backs to allow secure fixing into place. Semiprecious unakite cabochons represent his warts and parotid glands (the bulges found at the back of the head). His mouth and nostrils have been embroidered with black perle cotton.








Nat was really quite a challenge to create, the shape is quite different to that of a teddy bear. His design comprises 65 separate pieces of fabric, whew! I do hope that I've managed to capture the look of a toad.

*Nat has gone to live in Wisconsin, USA*