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The inspiration for my next mouse comes from my favourite of all the rodents, the incredibly cute Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius). Kip measures approximately 3.5" sitting and 4.5" when standing to the ear tips.
He has been lovingly created with a combination of light brown and cream realistic synthetic fur with guard hairs made by Tyber in Belgium. His ears, arms and legs are made from ultrasuede. He has been firmly stuffed with polyfil and has a bag of glass beads in his tummy to give him a nice weight. He is fully jointed and his tail, arms and legs (including fingers and toes) have been wired for poseability. He has glass eyes and his nose and mouth have been embroidered. Light shading with Copic markers provides added definition. Last but not least Kip has the all important (for a mouse anyway) whiskers made from horse hair.
Kip is another mouse who loves his food and cannot travel anywhere without some. This time though it's not berries but hazelnuts that are this chap's nibble of choice. The hazelnuts are made from ultrasuede and one is stuffed with polyfil.
And now on to the photos....

"Hi! My name is Kip."


"I'm a dormouse and very pleased to meet you."


"I'm nuts about nuts."


"This one's finished. Yum!"


"This is my winter tummy, you should see me after hibernation!"


"My passport photo."


"With all this posing I'm ready for bed now."


"Sweet dreams...."


*Gone off to live in York, UK*