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Arcas Designs

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Squeak is my first venture into the wonderful world of miniatures, he measures just 3.5" sitting and 4.5" when standing. He's a fat mouse who likes his food a great deal!
He has been lovingly created with a combination of ginger and cream realistic synthetic fur with guard hairs made by Tyber in Belgium and his ears, arms, legs and tail are made from ultrasuede. He has been firmly stuffed with polyfil and has a bag of glass beads in his tummy to give him weight. He is fully jointed and his arms, legs and tail have been wired for poseability. His glass eyes have been set into lacquered polymer clay lids and his nose is embroidered and waxed. He also has embroidered and shaded hands and feet. Last but not least Squeak has the all important (for a mouse anyway) whiskers made from horse hair.







*Now living in Nottingham, UK*