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Bandit the Numbat

Bandit is a Numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus) otherwise known as the Banded Anteater.  These distinctive animals are marsupials that are native to Australia, sadly they are now classed as endangered due to predation by foxes, feral cats and birds of prey etc.  They eat termites for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in fact they can consume up to 20,000 every day.  That's equivalent to 10% of their body weight.  Yum yum! 
Bandit is my representation of a juvenile numbat and has been created using white Tyber synthetic fur and ultrasuede.  He has been filled with a combination of polyfill, plastic pellets  (in his tummy for weight) and rubber pellets (in his tail). He has cotterpin and hardboard jointed arms/legs and wire armature in his body/tail and all four limbs for poseability, including his cute individual fingers and toes. He has black glass eyes ringed by waxed cotton cord lids. His nose/claws have been sculpted from polymer clay and his mouth has been created using perle cotton embroidery thread.
Bandit has been extensively scissor sculpted and his delicate fur markings have been completely hand shaded using an airbrush
. He measures approximately 4" in height when stood on all four feet and 7" from nose to bottom (not including his bushy tail, which is another 6" long).









*Gone to live in New South Wales, Australia*