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Sierra the Iberian lynx

The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is a critically endangered species of cat that hails from Southern Europe.  It is sadly the most endangered of all the world's cats, with estimated numbers of only 220 left surviving in the wild.  It is smaller than the Eurasian lynx and has shorter fur with distinctive leopard-like spots.
My homage to this beautiful cat took two months to complete.  He has been created from all white Schulte synthetic fabrics and has been firmly stuffed with polyfil and a bag of plastic pellets in his tummy for added weight.  His front and back legs have internal armature for posing and there is an additional wire  'spine' running down from his head into his tail.  Each paw has individually applied stuffed ultrasuede pads.
Sierra has beautiful high quality glass taxidermy eyes set into specially constructed eye sockets.  His nose is sculpted from polymer clay, shaded with acrylic paints and sealed with a matt varnish.  His mouth is constructed using perle cotton thread and his whiskers are horsehair.
He has been extensively thread and scissor sculpted.  The intricate fur markings have been completely hand shaded using an airbrush and there is an Arcas Designs fabric tag sewn in just under his tail.
Sierra measures 11" from the tip of his ears (not including those distinctive ear tufts) to the base of his paws and approximately 12" from front to back (not including the tail). 













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