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Leroy the Chinchilla

I created Leroy as a special order for a lovely lady in memory of her real chinchilla who sadly passed away earlier this year
He is made using a combination of wonderfully soft synthetic fur, which has been lined (to prevent stretch) and ultrasuede (for the ears/pads). He has been filled with polyfill, a bag of plastic pellets in his tummy and rubber pellets in his tail. He is 5-way cotterpin and hardboard jointed and has wire armature in his body/tail and all four legs, including his cute individual fingers and toes. He has black glass eyes with cotton cord representing the eyelids. His nose and mouth have been created using perle cotton embroidery thread and his individually applied whiskers are made from horse hair.
Leroy has been needle/scissor sculpted and has been extensively airbrush shaded. He is more or less lifesized measuring 9.5" (from nose to bum, not including his tail) and sits 8" high (to the top of his head, not including his ears).









*Gone to live in Dudley, UK*