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Mitsie measures approximately 3.5" sitting and 4.5" when standing to the ear tips.
She has been lovingly created from a combination of cream realistic synthetic fur made by Tyber in Belgium and has ultrasuede hands, feet, tail and ears. Her shapely form has been firmly stuffed with polyfil and a bag of glass beads nestles in her tummy for a little added weight. She is fully jointed and her tail, arms and legs (including fingers and toes) have been wired for poseability. She has glass eyes and her nose, mouth and eyelids have been embroidered. Light shading with Copic markers provides added definition. Last but not least Mitsie has the all important whiskers made from horse hair.
As with my previous two mice, Mitsie won't travel anywhere without a small snack. Being a dainty female (yes really!) she likes her food not only to taste good but to also look pretty. A yellow crocus fits the bill perfectly. The flower and leaves have been made from ultrasuede with beads and gold plated wire representing the stamens and anthers.
Now on to her beauty shots....

"Hi, my name is Mitsie"


"I'm very pleased to meet you."


"Do you like my shapely figure?"


"....and my pretty face?"


"I just love yellow crocuses, they are so tasty!"


"Mmm, my mouth is watering."


"Oooh, I don't know though, it seems a shame to eat something so pretty."


"I think I'll hold off eating it for the time being."


* Gone to live with Beamer in Grantham, UK*