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Arcas Designs

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Lumi is based on the incredibly beautiful but shy Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx). She is made from high quality Tissavel faux fur filled with a mixture of polyfil, plastic pellets (in the tummy) and steel balls (in the paws) which give her a wonderfully cuddly and weighty feel. She is nut and bolt jointed (neck and 4 legs) and her front limbs have been wired for extra strength and poseability.
She's a fair sized feline, measuring 14" from the bottom of her paws to tips of her ears (not including the tufts). Her realistic glass taxidermy eyes have been set in polymer clay eyesockets and she has a lacquered polymer clay nose. Her raised paw pads have been made of stuffed cashmere which have been individually hand applied. Her face is both needle and scissor-sculpted with Copic marker shading to reproduce the lynx look. Her whiskers are made of horse hair (with thanks again going out to Mij the pony and Sheila of Shebob's bears).
Lumi likes nothing more than to sit at your feet and gaze up lovingly at you.