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Marty is a European pine marten, Martes martes. Sadly I've never had the pleasure of seeing one of these beautiful creatures in the 'fur', they are extremely rare in England infact probably extinct. They can however still be found in well-wooded areas of Scotland where they can be tempted up close with a bribe of a tasty peanut butter and jam (jelly) sandwich.
Marty has been created from a combination of synthetic fabrics (dark brown Tissavel, butter yellow Schulte and other brown synthetic fur) with mini bear fabrics for the ear inners and ultrasuede paw pads. He has been filled with a combination of bouncifill, plastic pellets in his tummy (for added weight) and rubber pellets (in his tail) and has wire armature in his neck/body/tail and all four limbs for poseability. His paws have been needlesculpted and his paw pads have been individually applied and stuffed. He has realistic brown glass taxidermy eyes set into specially constructed sockets that are ringed by waxed cotton cord lids. His nose and claws have been sculpted from polymer clay and have wire backs for secure attachment. His whiskers are created from hand-dyed horsehair.
Marty has been scissor sculpted and has light airbrush shading on his face and claws.  He measures approximately 15" from nose to the base of his tail (the tail is an additional 8") and is just under 8" in height when stood (to the tips of his ears).  Last but not least he has an Arcas Designs fabric tag sewn in under his bottom.










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