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Iolo is an Atlantic Puffin, Fratercula arctica.  When I was a child I made a boat trip with my parents to the small island of Lundy in the Bristol Channel. Nesting on that island were enormous numbers of sea birds. There were quite a few different species but it was the puffins that really caught my eye, I just loved their striking somewhat comical appearance with brightly coloured beaks and legs
I created Iolo out of short pile synthetic fabrics in black and white with ultrasuede legs and detailing around the eyes.  He has a jointed neck and has been stuffed with polyfil and has plastic pellets in his body for balance. There is wire armature in his legs and wings for posing and I have stitched feather detailing onto his wings and tail.
He has realistic acrylic taxidermy eyes set into specially constructed sockets ringed with leather cord.  His magnificent beak (in breeding colouration) is created from Apoxie sculpt, painted for a natural look and sealed with a matt varnish. He also has clay claws on his beautiful webbed feet.
Iolo has been lightly airbrushed on his face and legs and last but not least has a fabric Arcas Designs tag sewn in under his tail.  He is approximately 7" tall and measures 8.5" from beak to tail and is 4.5" wide.







*Gone to live in Florida, USA*