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What's New 2009

2nd December '09: I've just completed an order for a dwarf hamster. He's my smallest creation to date. Please click here to view Rane.

08th November '09: I've been wanting to make one of these animals for ages. Please click here to meet Peep. He's available for adoption.

13th October '09: Do you like the weird and wonderful? You've come to the right place if you do. Oggy is now available for adoption, please click here to meet him.

24th August '09: With my holidays out of the way, I've finally completed my latest project. Please click here to visit Leroy.

30th June '09: This month I have spent my time creating a birthday present for my old boy who's 14 years old in two days time. If you want to see what he wanted me to make for him then please click here. :D

23rd May '09: A new mouse is now available for adoption. Please click here to visit Scamp's page.

19th May '09: After waiting three months I've decided to make the Lynx that I completed in February available for adoption. The lady who ordered him said that she was extremely happy with my creation but sadly I never received any money. Hopefully somebody out there can offer him a home.

23rd April '09: I'm excited to have just finished my latest custom order, Sterling the Silver Fox. We'd love it if you could please stop by and say hello to him here.

30th March '09: Anto the Tamandua is my second custom order for this year. Unfortunately he wasn't quite right for the lady who ordered him so he's now available to adopt from this site. Please click here to stop by and say hello to him.

15th February '09: I've just completed my first special order for 2009. Leo and I are waiting excitedly (and just a little aprehensively) to hear if his new Mum is happy with his handsome looks. Please click here to stop by and say hello to him.

11th January '09: My first creation for 2009 is now complete. Click here to stop by and say hello to Mitsie.