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Arcas Designs

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Sterling the silver fox

Sterling has been created using wonderful Tissavel faux fur. He has an open mouth with a wired tongue made from hand shaded ultrasuede. He is filled with a combination of steel shot (in the paws) and plastic pellets (in the tummy) for weight, Tendertouch rubber pellets (in the tail) and polyfil. He is 6-way nut and bolt jointed (including a double jointed neck) and has a wired body/tail, legs and jaw. His beautiful blue glass taxidermy eyes have been set into wired polymer clay sockets with addional fabric lids to give a more natural look. He has been extensively scissor sculpted, needle sculpted and airbrush shaded. His paw pads are made from stuffed ultrasuede and have been individually applied. His claws and nose are polymer clay.
Sterling measures 14.5" sitting and 17.5" front to bottom when in the lying position (24" if you include the tail).








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