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Lento is a Hoffmann's two-toed sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni). He was created as a special order.
Lento has been created using Schulte synthetic fabrics with ultrasuede paw pads, snout and eyelids.  He has a nut & bolt jointed neck and cotterpin jointed limbs with wire armature in his arms, legs and back to allow him to hang out the way a real sloth should.  He is stuffed with Bouncifill. His eyes are high quality glass taxidermy eyes set into specially constructed sockets ringed by stuffed ultrasuede eyelids.  His nose has been sculpted from polymer clay and the mouth from perle cotton thread.  His impressive claws have been created from Apoxie Sculpt which have been painted and covered with a layers of matt varnish to seal in the colour.
Lento has been scissor sculpted and airbrush shaded. There is an Arcas Designs fabric tag sewn in at the base of his back.  He measures approximately 11" from the head to bottom.
Every self-respecting sloth needs a branch to feel at home and Lento is no exception. He is accompanied by his Silver Birch sleeping branch (the base of which measures approx 10" in diameter and is approx 19" tall).










*Gone to live with Sula & friends in Cumbria, UK*